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home for emf sensitives


Beitrag von smallriver » Mi 21. Feb 2018, 19:52

I am looking to find a new home, where there is no wifi/Wlan from the neighbours. I can buy or to rent a house, piece of land, farm, or other. I am open to what is available. Maybe you know about something?
I could also be interested to connect with other emf sensitives (sensitive to too much wifi and mobile phones). I am ok with normal electricity etc, but wish to avoid wireless technology around me. I could also be interested to start a community with people who also wish to live a place free from electromagnetic pollution. I am open for different areas. I have some savings to buy a farm/home if the right place turns up, or maybe also with other people, depending on the situation.
Maybe you have some ideas?
You can reply on my email: leigh.yz6@gmail.com (LEIGH.YZ6@GMAIL.COM)
Hope to hear from you sometime


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